Online Advertisement Policy

This Online Advert Policy is an addition to the main Golden Pages Advert Policy. It refers to the rules that are pertinent to online adverts only, and supplements the Golden Pages Advert Policy which applies fully to all online orders.

All Online Adverts (except banners) should contain a company name. The company name is always the first line of the advert, written in ALL CAPS, BOLD.

All Online Adverts on (except banners) must contain a visitable address or a PO Box address. The only exception to this rule is when the address is in the free listing in the same classification. Even if the advertiser wishes their company address not to be shown in the online advert, they must provide an address to ensure that the advert is correctly geo-coded and appears for the correct area in the search results page.

All advertisers may choose to include a link to a map showing the location of their business.

All adverts (except banners) must contain at least one telephone number.

The telephone numbers must contain the area dialing code for landlines and the mobile operator dialing code for mobile numbers.

The main Advert Policy for Golden Pages applies with regard to the format and description of telephone numbers.

1. All adverts in (except fixed and run-of-site banners) must always appear in a classification that is relevant to the advertiser’s business. This rule doesn’t apply if a banner advert appears in a group of classifications.
2. An advertiser can appear in multiple classifications if each classification is relevant to their business, (with the exception of banners).
3. Geographical Coverage - an advertisement in (except banners) is always purchased to cover a particular area (one of the 28 areas as per the Online Coverage Map) and is also eligible for additional geographical coverage as long as the company can provide the product or service in the areas covered.

Advert content (the visible text of the online advert on the search results page) must abide to all the general rules outlined in the Golden Pages Advert Policy (see ‘Content’).

Advert copy should be:
- A minimum of one phrase or sentence of text (except the Enhanced Line Entry)
Advert copy must not contain:
- Website addresses, excluding infopages
- Email addresses

Accurate Advert Text – the keywords and classification/s must be relevant to the content of your advert. When users see your advert, they should be able to understand what kind of product, service, or other content they will find.

1. Capitalization – Don't use excessive capitalization such as 'FREE ADVERTISING'.  You may choose whether or not to capitalize the first letter of each word in your advert. Capital letters can be used to make the products or services from the advert text stand out. Example:  Car insurance, Personal Accident insurance, Cargo, Travel and Medical Insurance
2. Spelling and Grammar – Your advert text must be in logical sentence or phrase form. This includes using grammatically correct spacing between words and around punctuation. Adverts must contain correct spelling. The only exceptions are commonly misspelled words or spelling variations that the majority of users would recognize and understand.
3. Incomplete words – you can not publish an advert with an incomplete word or words because you’ve reached the character limit applicable to this type of advert. You can only abbreviate words using the grammatically accepted abbreviation rules.
4.  Logical appearance - your advert text must be in a logical sentence or phrase form. This includes using grammatically correct spacing between words and around punctuation. You can not omit word space/s to increase the number of permitted characters.
5. Repetitions. Avoid gimmicky repetition of words, phrases or symbols. Example: Cars! Cars! Cars!!!
6. Symbols.  You cannot add bullet symbols different from the ones used in the Golden Pages site. We provide standard bullets for unnumbered list. Inverted commas in the company name are not allowed either.
7. Graphic size. The file size of graphic images (logos or pictures) cannot be more than 15 KB and not bigger than 100 KB for info pages.
8. Fonts. Font and font sizes are standard. Other fonts and sizes or colours cannot be applied in the listings or info pages, because of the standards of formatting.
Not Recommended:
• Repetition of company name, address or phone number. These data is included in the listing. (Recommendation is not valid for info pages)
•  Words’ underlining in info pages, users can accept it for links.

In the search results pages on, the following positioning rules apply:
• results are randomized
• adverts always appear above free listings
• priority adverts (national or local) always appear above standard adverts
• if there is a local and national advert, the national advert always appears above the local priority one
• if the search results give businesses from more than one classification then one local and one national priority advert will be shown at random from the classifications included in the search results
• if the search displays a ‘keyword type’ result then national and local priority will not be relevant to the way adverts are displayed. The criteria for displaying adverts in this case will be their relevancy to the search terms.
• when the search delivers results for ‘Bulgaria’ as the location, the national priority listing is shown and a local priority listing is shown at random.
• Classification, Fixed and Run-of-site banners will only appear in the designated banner positions as per the design of each page of the site.

All adverts (except banners) may contain keywords i.e. words that give an opportunity to the advertiser to list the products, services, brands, activities or other characteristics of their business that they want to be found under. They are not visible by the user but are part of the searchable content of the advert, therefore must abide to all the rules applicable to content.

The site is bilingual. Adverts can be both in English and Bulgarian, however:
• it is not compulsory to use both languages
• if keywords from one language are being used, than the advertiser should supply content (visible text) in the same language as well, so when the advert is displayed in the respective language version of the site there is also some content in the advert
• the two versions of the advert  (in English and Bulgarian) do not need to be a direct translation of each other


The acceptable file formats for advertising banners are .jpg, .gif, .png, .swf or HTML. All Flash banners have to be in Flash Version 7, and to be sent together with the .fla files as well as all the fonts that have been used. Banners need to have a built-in link which opens in a new window.

File Size:
The recommended file size for 180x150 pxls Classification Banners is:
• .gif, .jpg or.png – maximum 30k
• .swf files – maximum 35K
• Flash cannot contain sound.
• Golden Pages reserves the right to refuse publication of banners with frequency above the acceptable levels, with frames that are changing at a very high speed, and/or overall design that is in conflict with the page where the banner will be published.
• All Banners have to contain an electronic link to the advertiser’s website or a website of the product/service that is being advertised or an info page hosted by Banners not containing an active hyperlink to a website or an info page will not be published.